Funer Services And Cremation In Chicago IL

Posted on: 18 December 2013


When a loved one passes, the family is left with making funeral arrangements that include burial or cremation in Chicago IL. In some situations, the family knows what the deceased wishes were for burial and funeral services; however, sometimes it is left up to the family to decide. Today, when planning a funeral on a budget many people choose cremation over burial to save money. While some people think that cremation limits choices and funeral services, this is not true. When the family opts for cremation in Chicago IL the family can still have a funeral service with calling hours to view the body before cremation, and choose a location for burial. Most families choose a memorial, regardless of size, because they believe their loved one needs a resting place even if he or she is cremated. A family can choose from a variety of burial or memorial options for cremated remains, including a choice from a full selection of urns to use as permanent containment of cremated remains. The chosen urn may be placed in the columbarium, which is the building where single-family units may be selected. These niches are compartment covered by glass or ornamental doors where the name and dates of the deceased are displayed. Family plots in cemeteries may also be used and most cemeteries allow the placement of more than one person in a space for adults after cremation in Chicago IL. Also, many cemeteries have specially design areas known as urn gardens for the placement of cremated remains. Some families who choose cremation in Chicago IL may wish to scatter the cremated remains. In most areas this may be done legally; however, in most cases it is proper to consider the deceased descendents and offer some type of memorialization. Family members should also keep in mind that there are reasons for not scattering remains, such as it can be a traumatic experience for some family members. Some crematories offer scattering gardens within their property with the option of personal memorials. The use of dedicated properties assures the families that the site chosen as a memorial site for the loved one will not be develop for other use in the future. Embalming is not necessary when the families choose to cremate a loved one; however, it is necessary if the family wishes to have a traditional funeral with calling hours for reviewing. In this situation, the body is embalmed and prepared for service and cremated after the service. The family also has the option of having a closed casket or urn with the remains at the service, which would mean no embalming of the body. No matter whether the family chooses burial or cremation, it is important to communicate the family's wishes or those of the deceased to the funeral home. The professional caregivers are there to serve the family and give advice and direction about the available funeral service options. They can help the family personalizes service to create a meaningful final event to commemorate a life lived. To do so, the family must tell the funeral director exactly what type of service they want. This includes whether they want visitation prior to the surface, an open or closed casket, any special music, a service at a funeral or place of worship or any family or friends wish to participate in the ceremony. When the family chooses to cremate the body, they have the option of buying or renting a casket to offer family members viewing and visiting hours of the body prior to the service. Family should keep in mind that the decisions are ultimately up to them and not to funeral directors. For more on cremation in Chicago, IL, go to site.