Tips That Can Help You With Your Moving Truck Rental In Chicago

Posted on: 18 December 2013


If you are planning on getting a moving truck rental in Chicago, there are a few important tips you should know. The biggest challenges of moving your own things involves a moving truck rental in Chicago. Of course, the entire move depends on your moving truck, so there are a few important things you will need to take into consideration regarding the moving truck rental in Chicago. Timing is everything in many aspects of our lives, including when you get your moving truck. The biggest weeks are the last weeks of each month, so you'll want to avoid moving during those weeks. The reason for this is that most people who move need to move out before the 1st of the month as most lease agreements begin on the 1st of the month and end on the last day of the month. If possible, try to pick a different week to schedule your move. Also, the warmer months of the year are the busiest times for Chicago moving truck rental companies like Elite Rentals. When you look for a moving truck rental, you'll want to compare all costs including all fees. Be sure to ask the rental companies about any hidden fees that may not be included in the rental price. Various fees can be added onto the price of the rental and typically includes things like mileage use and additional fees for late drop off of the moving truck after you've completed your move. You'll also need to consider whether or not you will need to rent various equipment to help in your move, such as hand trucks, dollies and carts. Additionally, you'll need to consider how you will use them and whether or not the truck you rent will enable these pieces of equipment to be used efficiently and effectively. For example, you'll want to be sure that there is a way for you to load and unload heavy appliances and what types of moving equipment you will need for the tasks. It's a good idea to speak with a representative of the moving truck rental company and explain the various types of things you will be moving so he can recommend the various pieces of moving equipment that will work to your advantage. When you get your moving truck, be sure to plan how you will load it before you begin. You'll want to load the truck with equal weight so the truck is safe to drive. Avoid loading too much weight on either side of the truck by equally spacing the weight on both sides of the truck. Of course, you will also need to consider how you will unload the truck at your destination, and which items will need to be removed from the truck first. When planning how to load your truck, you'll also need to plan on how to unload the truck as well so you won't have to leave any valuable items along the street. Another important tip for using a moving rental truck, and one that most people tend to miss until they are on the road, is that you want to know if there are any points along your route that prohibit large trucks and weight capacities. Be sure to check your route before you leave to avoid having to take time consuming detours that could delay the return of the truck and cost you additional fees. Hopefully, these tips will help you in using your moving truck rental to your best advantage, without causing any delays during an already hectic time in your life. Just remember, proper planning may be time consuming, but it can also save you time in the long run.