Choosing A Water Purification System In Chicago

Posted on: 19 December 2013


There are many reasons to get a water purification system in Chicago and the surrounding areas. You may not like the taste of the municipal water, you may be dissatisfied with its hardness, or you may even want to make sure you have good, clean water when you travel. Here are a few of the options for getting the water quality and taste you're looking for: Single-Sink Filtration This type of water purification system for Chicago homes only treats a single sink. There are two main forms. One attaches to the water input pipes underneath the sink, while the other attaches to the faucet. Undersink models tend to be more expensive, but they have many benefits over the type that attaches to the faucet. One of these benefits is that they can hold a bigger filter. This makes it so you don't have to maintain them as often. Another benefit is that they don't eat up any sink space. Even so, faucet-mounted filtration systems are still popular. This is likely because of their initial price and ease of installation. Typically, the kitchen sink will be the recipient of single-sink filters. The kitchen faucet is the one most commonly used to draw drinking water, so if only one sink is to be outfitted, it makes sense to make it this one. Whole-House Purification With a whole-house water purification system in Chicago, all of the water that goes into the house is run through a purification system before it is delivered to the faucets. This ensures that all of the home's water is free of whatever the system is designed to eliminate, but it will not remove any contaminants that get into the water once it passes the purifier. In other words, it will not help if the house's pipes are full of corrosion or if they're made of something like lead. Most of the time, however, whole-house purification is the top-of-the-line solution for water problems. It will eliminate the chlorine and other bad-tasting chemicals from city water, get rid of minerals and foul odors from well water, and take care of similar problems. Purification for Camping Going out into the woods is a great way to rejuvenate yourself after months of hectic city life. Unfortunately, clean water isn't always available. Even when the water looks and tastes fine, it can contain microbes and other disease-causing organisms. Therefore, it's important to have some way to purify water from streams, lakes, and other natural sources when camping away from civilization. This type of water purification can be accomplished in a few ways. You can boil the water, but that can be a problem if you aren't in a place where you can set up a fire. You can treat it with chlorine tablets, but these change the flavor of the water. Serious campers often use portable filtration systems that can filter out germs as well as unwanted minerals. Battery-powered UV light systems also exist. Large-Scale Water Purification Sometimes, there is a need to purify a huge quantity of water to satisfy everyone's needs. This is especially true for large, temporary gatherings. In this case, a water purification system in Chicago will need to be big enough to satisfy the demand within a reasonable amount of time. Systems that purify water by sending it all through a single system before final distribution are the most likely to work. Depending on the water source, the systems can involve filtration, chlorination, UV light treatment, or some combination of all of these methods. Almost any water source can be sufficiently purified with the right system, so you're sure to be able to meet all of your needs if you take care to find out more about each method choose methods that are meant to address the problems you're encountering.