Choosing Texas Self Storage In Houston

Posted on: 19 December 2013


Are you considering Houston, Texas self storage for your valuable belongings? Many people choose to rent storage units for items which they no longer have room for, but do not want to sell or give away. You may need to downsize your living arrangements for awhile, but you do want those items back, and in good condition, when you are ready. There are many self storage facilities in the Houston area, but you have to be wise in choosing one that offers a safe, quality environment for your belongings at a reasonable rate. When choosing Houston, Texas self storage, look for a facility that offers a variety of security features. For instance, some facilities offer video surveillance in several areas of their properties; cameras can be found not just at the perimeter, but also inside the storage buildings themselves. Ask whether the cameras are actually recording footage, or whether they are simply live-action footage monitored by whoever is in the office at the time. Choose a facility that actually records security footage. Some facilities offer the manager an apartment on the property site in exchange for some portion of pay. The facility owner gains the advantage of having someone on the property at all times, and the manager gains a place to stay. If this is the set up at a Texas storage in Houston you are considering, it is a mark in your favor. Another security feature offered by many storage facilities is the tracking of who is on the property at any given time. Customers may need to log in and out on a sign in sheet at the office, for example. Some facilities have sensors on individual unit doors that indicate each time a unit has been entered, creating an electronic fingerprint of activity. The most important issue you want to determine regarding safety is how well the facility keeps your belongings from being vandalized or stolen. Beyond security at a Texas self storage in Houston, you also need to determine how high the quality is of the unit in which your belongings would be stored. Is the unit air tight, preventing entry of unwanted pests? You want to be assured that your goods will not be infested with insects or rodents, so ask what the facility does in terms of pest control management. Next, ask about climate controlled units. Climate control is the use of central heating and air conditioning units to maintain a moderate temperature range within storage buildings; this prevents damage to your goods that can come from exposure to extreme heat or cold. You do not want your goods to be ruined by mildew, warping or cracking. Lastly, you have to consider cost when choosing the right Texas self storage in Houston. Do not just choose the facility that offers the lowest monthly rate; many times you really do get what you pay for, and some of your belongings have priceless sentimental value. Look for move in specials, but ask about how long the special rate will last; some places will reel customers in with move in rates that soon give way to sharp price increases a few months later. Also, see if you can reduce your monthly rate by signing a six month or year lease. Finally, be sure to ask about what kind of insurance the facility carries against fire, flood, theft, and the like. You need to know ahead of time what kind of reimbursement you will receive if anything happens to your things. See if you can purchase additional insurance coverage if you feel like you need it. While there are many facilities that offer Texas self storage in Houston, be sure to choose wisely by considering security, quality, and price. Click here for more information.