4 Steps To An Organic Office

Posted on: 21 April 2016


Living healthy means making sure every area of your life is as clean and clear of toxins as it can possibly be. There are the obvious things, such as your food, household cleaners, toiletries, and even clothing. You can choose to purchase things made with all natural and organic ingredients in all of these areas. But one area that is often neglected in the quest for a toxin-free life is the office. This area is just as important as the other areas of your life, and maybe even more so, because you spend so much time in your office. Going organic and natural won't be of nearly as much benefit to you if you're spending a third of most days in a toxic office. Here are four steps to making your office organic, and a much healthier place for you to be.

1. Ditch the Wi-Fi

If you work from a home office, this will be much easier to do than if you work for someone else. You can always discuss the health dangers of Wi-Fi with your boss and see if the company will agree to go green in this area. According to EMFAnalysis.com, the electromagnetic waves put out by Wi-Fi have been proven to have bad effects on the health of people and pets over time. They are agitating, and they can also be carcinogenic. You don't want to expose yourself to them needlessly. Many of the greenest offices in the world today have gotten rid of the Wi-Fi.

This doesn't mean you can't have Internet. It means each computer that is connected to the Internet should have its own, individual connection directly into the cable. This eliminates the need for Wi-Fi and keeps your office free of those electromagnetic waves. Your cell phone uses Wi-Fi, too. You should ideally put telephones in your office that have a wall connection and are not cordless. If you must use your cell phone, keep it at least a foot away from you when you're not using it, and talk on speaker when you make calls.

2. Use Essential Oils for Scents and Cleaning

If you want to freshen the air in your office, stay away from those aerosol sprays. They are full of artificial ingredients and chemicals that can cause allergies and sinus irritations. Instead, put together your own essential oil blends in some water and use a spray bottle to distribute it around the office. You can also buy pre-made essential oil air fresheners.

If you need to clean anything in your office from your desk to the computer screen to the floor, essential oils come in handy there, too. Lemon oil is your best friend. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Mix it with water to clean large surfaces, or use it straight to clean small areas. Mix it with other pleasantly scented oils if you prefer, as this gives everything you clean a customized scent that you'll love, because you made it.

3. Re-Evaluate Your Office Furniture

The best office furniture to use is made of untreated wood or metal, since these are pure materials. You can use organic paints and stains to make items more colorful. You can also get cushions made of organic materials that will be healthy for you to sit upon. You don't necessarily have to replace all your furniture, but have a look at what is in your office and how you can make it more organic and healthy. You'll be surprised at how many positive changes you can make to your office furniture.

These are just the main steps you should take to making your office organic. You can also look into other things such as replacing the carpet with tile or wood, and adding plants that remove pollution from the air. Don't forget to make sure you're buying organic and/or environmentally friendly office supplies. Do these things, and your office will be just as healthy as the other places where you spend large portions of your time.