3 Party Themes That Jive Well with Your EZ Up Canopies

Posted on: 25 January 2017


Are you ready to throw the fabulous party your friends and neighbors will be talking about for years to come? Is there someone special in your life who deserves an amazing birthday, anniversary or other celebration? Get out your EZ Up Canopy tents and choose one of these exciting party themes. 

Carnival Party

A carnival theme is perfect for a child's birthday celebration, a school party or a neighborhood block party. This theme keeps lots of guests engaged and busy, and it's easy and inexpensive to create. 

Set up EZ Up canopy shelters all over your party space. Use just a few or many, depending on the size of your party. 

Decor: Decorate your space with items that inspire fun. Use a helium tank to blow up bunches of balloons to tie to your canopies, and string lights from tent to tent. Make bright signs telling what is happening under each canopy. 

Food: Provide carnival treats for your guests. Create a cardboard hot dog cart and popcorn machine. You can also rent or buy a cotton candy maker and funnel cake stand. 


Set up carnival games under your tents, according to the size and age of your guests. For a large party, include games that young kids, older kids and adults will enjoy or change the difficulty of each game by requiring participants to stand further back. 

  • Place bowling pins on the ground and offer prizes for tossing rings around them. 
  • Let guests throw balls at a pyramid of stacked cans. 
  • Cut holes in a large piece of cardboard and let guests attempt to throw beanbags through them. 
  • Write numbers on the bottom of rubber ducks. Let guests pick the ducks out of a baby pool to win prizes. 

Designate on area the ticket booth, and give guests tickets to play each game. 

Spa Party

Decor: Make your space as luxurious as possible. Set up lounge chairs around a pool if you have one. Otherwise, bring in relaxing fountains. Set up speakers to play nature sounds. 

Food: Serve your guests miniature sandwiches, tiny cakes and other elegant finger foods. Offer tea, champagne, and sparkling juice. 

Activities: Provide a different spa experience in each tent. 

  • In the pedicure tent, let guests soak their feet in a solution of warm water and bubbles and then paint their toenails. 
  • In the manicure tent, offer a hand soak, lotion and nail polish. 
  • Ask someone to rub backs and shoulders in the massage tent. 
  • Create a relaxation tent with comfy chairs, a white noise machine and an essential oils diffuser. Health.com recommends lavender as a relaxing scent. 
  • Let guests create their own lotion or lip gloss in another tent. 

World Food Festival

Do you and your friends love to eat? Save your appetite for this great party theme. 

Decor: Find items for each tent that represent the food culture being presented. You might hang a sombrero and maracas on the Mexican tent and a sign with Chinese symbols on your Chinese food tent. 

Place large tables in the middle of your space set with colorful tablecloths, napkin holders and plastic utensils. 

Food: This party is all about the food. Have a variety of tents with food styles from various cultures. 

Activities: Offer some fun games to play while you eat. 

  • Give guests a world geography quiz to see if they can place their food on a map. 
  • Ask trivia questions about each culture represented. 
  • See who can guess the secret ingredients in each dish. 
  • Also consider a cooking class or demonstration. 

EZ Up canopies create a perfect structure for all kinds of terrific party themes. Use one of these 3 themes, or let your imagination run wild to create a party theme of your own. Contact companies like Van Raalte & Co., Inc. to learn more.