3 Features To Look For In A Quality Rain Jacket

Posted on: 15 May 2017


Rain is calming, refreshing, and beautiful, but this is generally only the case when you're looking out the window at the rain. When you're outside, you need protection. Here are three things to look for when you get a rain jacket. 

Waterproof Design

Just about all rain jackets are designed to keep water out; however, they aren't all designed to keep water off. Regular jackets will absorb some of the water and slowly drip water throughout the day until it has dried.

However, those jackets that are waterproof will basically repel the water. With this design, by the time you hang up the jacket it's already dry. This is a great option to look for if you need to wear the jacket often and don't want to have to wait for it to dry for a long period.

Zipper Design

It's also a good idea to pay attention to the zipper design on the jacket. When it comes to keeping water out, the quality of the zipper design is important, as a low-quality design will allow water to seep in. Ideally, you want to choose a design that has a storm flap. This is usually a coated plastic or rubberized piece that rests on the inside of the jacket, covering the entire span of the zipper.

The purpose of this flap is to prevent any water that seeps in through the zipper from making its way into the jacket, which ultimately helps keep you dry. If you suspect that you will need to wear the jacket often, especially during periods of heavy rain, investing in a jacket with this feature is a good idea. Make sure any zippered pockets also have this feature.

Hem Adjustments

Look to see if the jacket has a hem adjustment. Hem adjustments are especially helpful if you not only need protection from the rain, but also from the winds or cold. In simple terms, hem adjustments offer you the ability to somewhat close or secure the jacket when necessary.

This adjustment generally comes in the form of a drawstring or draw cord like feature at the base of the jacket and at the waistline. In the event you want to increase ventilation within the jacket, you can simply release some of the tension from the drawstring.

Make sure you aren't choosing a rain jacket on style alone. You also want to think about function so take your time, and choose wisely. Talk with Ben's Cleaner Sales if you need more help choosing the right rain gear.