Headstone Buying Misconceptions And Myths

Posted on: 2 September 2018


Ordering a headstone can be one of the more somber acts that a person will have to do. Whether the headstone is for themselves or a loved one, it is important to have accurate information when making this purchase.

Myth: All Headstones Are Essentially The Same

Individuals will frequently lack the experience with buying headstones to know that there can be significant differences between the various types of headstones. For example, there will be a large variety in the types of stone that can be used for this memorial. Also, there may be other aesthetic decisions to make as well, which can include the font on the stone's lettering, whether there will be a flower holder and other decisions. For this reason, it can be wise to thoroughly review the full range of options that are available from your headstone provider so that you can choose the perfect memorial for yourself or a loved one.

Myth: The Headstone Will Be Ready Within A Few Days

Individuals will often drastically underestimate the amount of time that will be needed to make the headstone. While it is common for some people to assume that it will only take a few days to prepare the stone, it can actually take much longer. Depending on the complexity of the headstone design and the workload of the provider, it may take up to several weeks before the final headstone is ready. Until it is ready, a temporary marker will be provided.

Myth: The Headstone Should Only Be Ordered After The Individual Has Passed Away

It is often assumed that a headstone can only be ordered after a person has died. Yet, some individuals may want to spare their survivors of the hassle of needing to arrange for the creation of the headstone. These individuals may be able to prepurchase their headstone. In addition to reducing the logistical challenges created by their passing, this can also ensure that the stone that is selected will meet all of their personal preferences.

Myth: You Must Transport And Install The Headstone Yourself

Headstones are remarkably heavy, and this can make transporting them extremely difficult if you lack the correct equipment. Fortunately, you can usually arrange for the company that created the headstone to transport it to your site and install it. Some services may charge an additional fee to have the headstone transported and installed, but it can be worth paying to avoid the difficulty of working with these large stones.

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