Take Care Of The Copier That Is In Your Office

Posted on: 25 March 2019


The copier in your office is an integral piece of equipment that you and your employees may rely upon on a daily basis. This type of equipment requires routine maintenance and proper use to prevent paper jams, toner or ink cartridge issues, or damage to electrical components. Learn about the machine that you own, take the time to share care techniques with your staff members, and delegate a list of rules that need to be followed. 

Review The Manual And Prepare Some Notes

Making a quick copy of a document is simple enough, but do you know how to connect the copier to your computer network or are you familiar with replacing the toner or ink cartridge or cleaning the internal and external parts of the copier? Damage to electrical equipment can occur by executing a move improperly. Retrieve the copier's manual and read through it.

The manual will answer most of the questions that you have and may direct you toward a clearcut troubleshooting approach if a malfunction is evident. After reading the manual, write down some key points that you would like your employees to be aware of.

Before posting the list in the room where the copier is located in, use the time during a staff meeting to verbalize the tips to everyone. The tips should also be introduced whenever a new person has been hired to work at the office.

Assign One Or Two People To Oversee The Machine's Care

Everyone should be entitled to use the machine to make copies, but only one or two people should be responsible for changing an ink or toner cartridge, addressing a paper jam, or ensuring that the machine is wiped down at the end of each day. The people who you assign to oversee the machine's care need to be trained thoroughly so that you can rely upon them when you are not present.

If either of the employees has technical training, they can assist with minor repairs. Any major repairs that are covered by a warranty, however, should be handled through the manufacturer of the copier. This will likely require packing up and shipping the item to the central office where repairs are made.

For this reason, it is a wise choice to purchase a second copier so that you and your employees will always have access to a copier when an issue arises with the original piece of equipment.