How To Make The Most Of A Conference Center Rental

Posted on: 15 April 2019


Conducting a business conference can be very involved, and you want to know that when you rent a location that you'll get your money's worth. It takes a bit of effort, though, to make the most of a business conference center rental. These four tips, though, will help you have a great conference and maximize your investment.

Finding a Space

The number of people you can fit into a conference area will vary dramatically based on their needs. For example, a conference with trade show-style booths requires at least 16,000 square feet of space to accommodate 100 attendees at one. Conversely, a theater-style setup may only demand 1,000 square feet.

Bear in mind that you should calculate your numbers based on the biggest expected session. Likewise, make sure you have a little bit of overhead in terms of both open space and available seating just in case a session proves to be more popular than you anticipate.

Style Points

Whether a venue has the styles of spaces you require is important, too. If a conference center rental only has auditorium seating, for example, that can present challenges in trying to set up breakout sessions. Always ask in advance about the different types of rooms available, and try to have someone visit the location to visually inspect them.

Getting Deals

Most business conference central rental providers offer deals for customers who sign up early for events. This may require placing a non-refundable deposit in advance so make sure to read the contract for language about cancellation fees, force majeure and other potential concerns. Also, take the time to shop around, but be reasonable when asking a place to match offers. It's only fair to ask for a comp price if you're making an honest apples-to-apples comparison.

Licensing and Other Rules

Conference holders who intend to have items available that may require licensing, such as food or alcohol, need to check with the venue's managers before they start planning. Not all locations can allow their licenses to be used by clients. There may also be restrictions imposed by the venue on things like catering. Always seek permission.

You may also need to inquire about other rules. For example, banners should only be hanged from secure anchor points. Ask the folks who run the conference center rental to show you where these are located. Most businesses are happy to provide limited help with practical issues.