Signs That You May Need A New Well Pump

Posted on: 27 May 2019


Residential water well pumps are durable but over time they can wear and there are some things you may notice happening with your pump that can indicate it needs replacing. If the pump is old or is located outside the well, it is possible that time has caught up to it and you may need to have a well company come and replace it for you.

Loss of Water Pressure

Well pumps work several ways. Pumps in the well push the water to your home and pumps inside the home pull the water from the well to your home. In both cases, they use impellers to move the water and the seals in the pump can wear from a lot of use. A pump that has been pumping water from a deep well has to work pretty hard and will wear out faster than one in a shallow well. 

If you notice a drop in the water pressure when the pump is running, you may have a pump that is getting ready to stop working. It is best to have the pump inspected if you think it is failing and the well company can check the pressure from the pump for you. They can also check the rest of the system and let you know if there are problems that need correcting. 

No Water In The Home

If the water to your home suddenly stops flowing, there may be a problem with the well pump or some related part of the system. Before you call the well company, check the breakers that provide power for the well pump because it is possible that one has tripped and the pump just has no power. If the breaker is tripped, reset it, but if it trips again, you have a problem that needs correcting.

The pump may be frozen up, the wiring might have a short, or the break may be bad. No matter which of these is the cause, the problem needs the attention of a professional and a well company that deals with these systems is your best option. 

Noise Coming From The Pump

If you have a water pump in your home and you notice noise coming from it, it is probable a sign of something inside the pump failing. The pump needs a professional to come and check it out for you. If the pump is bad, they can replace it and get you back up and running quickly in most cases.