4 Times Having A Live Medical Answering Service Is Great For Your Practice

Posted on: 27 July 2019


If you run a medical practice where you get a lot of phone calls, and phone calls represent a good chunk of the interaction that you have with patients, you need to make sure that you are always able to answer the phone. That is where hiring a live answering service comes in. A live answering service will make sure your phones are always answered. A live medical answering service can come in handy in many different situations, such as holidays, natural disasters, after-hours, and during busy times for your business.


When holidays happen, you want to be able to close your medical practice and enjoy time with your family and friends. However, business doesn't stop just because it is the 4th of July, or any other major holiday. With a live answering service, you can ensure your patients' needs are taken care of, even on the holidays. Your medical answering service can set up appointments for after the holidays for non-medical emergencies, and they can connect patients with the doctor on call for emergency situations, or connect your patients to emergency services if necessary. 

Answering services are staffed every day of the year, including all major holidays, so there will always be someone to answer your phones.

Natural Disasters

When a natural disaster hits, from a power outage to a hurricane, you can't always access or even get to your business phone. When that happens, your live answering medical service can step in. They can let your patients know how your medical practice was impacted by the natural disaster. You can provide your medical answering team with up-to-date information about where patients can receive medical care in your area, and they can pass that information on to your patients when they call in. Even a natural disaster shouldn't stop you from treating your patients. 


Not all medical practices are open all the time. However, with a medical practice, it is important to answer the phone every time a patient calls. A patient may need to be told that they are experiencing an emergency and need to go to the E.R. A patient may need the help and services of the doctor on call, or a patient may just need to be reassured that their issue can wait until office hours. A medical answering service goes through special training in order to be able to tell the difference between these types of after-hours calls, and are trained to get your patients the help they need. 

Busy Hours

Sometimes, so many calls are coming in, your front office staff just can't handle the call volume anymore. When that happens, having a live medical answering service can allow you to direct some of your overflow calls to them. This will help ensure someone is answering all your calls and your patients are getting at least some basic service and information, and not spending long times on hold, until your regular staff can attend to the phone calls and messages.

A live medical answering service is the phone solution your medical practice needs. They can help make sure your patients are taken care of during the holidays, natural disasters, after hours, or just when your office is plain busy!