Three Reasons Why Handcrafted Cards Are Making A Comeback

Posted on: 21 October 2019


If you want to send someone special a note or message that they will cherish, convey it with a handcrafted card. The time and thought that goes into crafting a greeting card makes the gesture thoughtful and meaningful, much appreciated by many in today's age. The rising popularity of handmade greeting cards is refreshing amid this digital era.

Three reasons why handcrafted cards are making a comeback today are as follows:

1. The Retro Trend

In today's high-tech era, greeting cards in general are coming back into fashion among the twenty-to-forty-year-olds that buy and purchases these items. Why?

  1. This population exhibits a buying preference for retro stationery, old-school technology, and other retro trends that remind many of earlier, simpler days.
  2. The nostalgia of these tangible cards evokes memories from days gone by. These cards reinforce fond memories of other people and places.
  3. The experience of sending a card is something that requires effort, which is not overlooked by the recipient.  
  4. Greeting cards stimulate other senses, like touch and smell, which can trigger emotional responses that digital communications lack.

With the trend toward traditional greeting cards looming, it makes sense that many crafty and artistic consumers would want to recreate these sentiments with their own handcrafted variations.

2. Made in the USA

When you make and send a handcrafted greeting card (whether it is made by you or someone else), you are supporting an American-made product. When you do not spend money on cards imported from other countries, you are keeping money in the domestic economy. This is a prevalent social issue currently, which also explains the reason why handcrafted cards are making a comeback in this country among many citizens.

3. One-of-a-Kind Products

When you give a handcrafted card, you are gifting a unique and one-of-a-kind creation to someone else. These small pieces of artistic expression are typically affordably priced, which makes it feasible and pragmatic to send a handcrafted card, particularly when a larger print, poster, or painting may be fiscally difficult and much harder to handle and ship.  

Do you paint or create your own greeting cards? Now may be the perfect time to launch and distribute your products for others to enjoy. If you do not make your own, support the efforts of other artisans that are embracing this current trend and crafting beautiful handmade greeting cards. Start looking into getting your own hand-painted greeting cards today.