Your Packaging Design Could Save Your Brand Reputation

Posted on: 12 May 2020


Packaging is having a greater impact on brand reputation. Your customers do not only value your brand based on product design and function. They also value the ease of use, quality, and increasingly sustainability of the packaging it comes in. Yet many companies do not focus on packaging when seeking ways to improve their brand value.

Brand reputation is about making consumers feel good about your products. Following are ways you can create a more favorable impression of your company through your packaging.

Packaging Quality

When it comes to your reputation, not any cardboard shipping tube will do. A cardboard tube that is too short or lacks the proper rigidity could result in millions of dollars in lost sales. 

For many companies, a majority of the negative ratings relate to damaged products, not product quality or overall product satisfaction. 

The numbers speak for themselves. Damaged goods is one of the top five reasons consumers return products. Sending off a quick replacement with discounts on future purchases is a good remedy. You may even have turned an unhappy customer into a long-term sales conversion. However, you lost profits for having to send out another product with priority shipping. 

Sustainable Packaging

In addition to being a safe vessel for products, packaging should be sustainable. Businesses and consumers are eschewing products arriving with non-recyclable packaging. Large volumes of non-recyclable filler packaging are of particular concern for the environmentally conscious consumer. 

Designing packaging for the circular economy means taking into account the post-consumer stage of the lifecycle. This requires asking, is the recycling infrastructure in place for your packaging material? The consumer is aware, for instance, of which plastics can and cannot be recycled. Making the investment to label your packaging material 'bioplastics' will pay off through repeat business.

Those cardboard shipping tubes and bioplastic casings can be recycled into paper filling and biodegradable air peanuts, among other products.

Packaging Design

Packaging that protects goods from damage does not have to be harder to open than Fort Knox. Busy production environments focused on achieving ever higher throughputs have no time for product packaging that slows down productivity. Without hesitation, these products will be replaced as soon as alternatives with better packaging design become available.

Shippers do need to mind the cost-to-weight ratio when choosing packaging materials. But, they should also weigh the cost of damaged goods on their brand reputation.

To learn more about finding the proper cardboard shipping tubes for your product, contact professional services.