Things to Know Before Contracting a Courier Delivery Service for an Important Package

Posted on: 14 September 2020


Maybe you have a signed document that needs to be handed over to an acquaintance as soon as possible. Perhaps you forgot an important celebratory event or special occasion and need to get a gift delivered as quickly as possible. When you really think about it, there are numerous life situations when having a courier delivery service to call for help could be an advantage. These professionals will pick up your package, get your instructions, and then transport your important shipment wherever it needs to go.

Before you reach out for help with your important parcel, there are a few things to know in advance that you may be asked about on the phone. 

1. What is the approximate size of the package?

Even though the specific size and weight of the package will be measured when the courier arrives for pickup, it is best if you can give a general estimation while on the phone. For one, this may allow you to get a rough price quote, and, two, this will give the courier an idea of what type of vehicle will be required for transport. 

2. How far away is the package recipient from you?

It is best if you already have the address of the recipient on hand when you call the courier for services. The address will give the courier an estimate of how far the package needs to travel so they can give you a price quote over the phone. 

3. Will the package require any special accommodations?

unlike a large-scale courier like the United States Postal Service or UPS, private courier delivery services do not place so many restrictions on what they can handle. Therefore, it is common for these companies to be able to handle some pretty unusual parcels. For example, if you have a small bird store and a customer orders a bird for delivery, the courier can likely handle the task. Of course, unique packages can require unique accommodations. For instance, a live animal may need ambient temperatures in the vehicle. These are things the courier should know when you call for service. 

4. Will you need insurance on the package?

Some valuable items do need to be insured before they leave your possession. Some courier delivery services do offer their own form of insurance for the packages they carry, and this can be purchased for a small fee in addition to the costs of services. If you have an item that is especially valuable, some couriers may even require you to purchase additional insurance coverage for protection.