Denture Answers For New Patients

Posted on: 7 October 2020


Replacing missing teeth is a priority for most dental patients that suffer from this issue. For those that are missing numerous teeth, dentures may be the fasted and most affordable option for addressing this problem.

How Should New Patients Expect The Dentures To Feel When They Wear Them?

Patients will often have concerns about how they can expect the dentures to feel when they are wearing them. While it may seem like the dentures will be extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable to wear, most patients will find that they quickly adjust to life while wearing them. This is largely a result of the fact that the dentures will have the base molded to the contours of the patient's gums. This will allow the dentures to comfortably rest on the gums while still fitting securely. Some patients may assume that they should use denture bond, but this is generally discouraged as these bonds can actually irritate the sensitive tissue of the gums if it is used too frequently.

Will It Always Take A Long Time For The Dentures To Be Ready?

Replacing missing teeth as quickly as possible is important for both looks and practical reasons. Unfortunately, some patients will simply assume that they will have to wait a long time before their dentures are ready to be used. In reality, there are many facilities that are able to provide same-day dentures to their clients. These facilities will have the equipment that is needed to transform the mold of your gums into a set of dentures that will be able to fit comfortably into your gums. In most cases, this can be completed in a matter of hours so that you can have your dentures on the same day that you are fitted for them.

What Type Of Daily Care Will Your New Dentures Need

The most basic care that the dentures will require is to ensure that they are being thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. The dentures can become coated in a plaque, tartar, and other unsanitary substances that could actually contribute to gum disease and infection if they are not removed. Fortunately, cleaning dentures can be extremely easy as you will be able to remove them from your mouth. This will allow you to thoroughly brush both sides of the dentures so that they will be completely cleaned. Also, the dentures can be placed in a sanitizing solution during the overnight hours or other times when you are not needing to wear them.

For more information about dentures or same-day dentures services, contact a local dentist.