A Queuing System That Will Aid With Crowd Control

Posted on: 29 October 2020


Queue management involves controlling customer flow and ensuring that services are conducted in a timely manner. If you own a restaurant and often deal with an influx of customers at specific times of the day, many people may need to wait to be seated, and this could cause people to become frustrated or attempt to move to the front of the line. Use a queuing system to provide organization within your business.

A Queuing System

A queuing system may include physical barriers, such as stanchions, or a sign-in process that is conducted via a receptionist. A queuing system can also include an electric or internet-operated device, such as a kiosk. Consider the size of the lobby and the number of people that tend to fill the area at any given time.

Do people remain standing for a long duration or is there adequate seating? If the lobby is relatively small and you have dealt with occasions in which people needed to wait outdoors, you may want to invest in a self-serve kiosk and an intercom. With this type of queuing system, people can walk into the restaurant and reserve a spot for a specific timeslot.

If an individual doesn't wish to make a reservation in advance, allow them to sign up on the waiting list, by providing their name and the number of people in their party. As people finish meals and exit the premises, use the intercom to inform waiting parties that tables are ready for them.

Other Variables

Some other details can be added to your queuing system, to make the process functional. If the overall plan is to reduce congestion within the business, you can hire more employees, or add extra dining tables and seats. 

The kiosk and stanchion setup should still be implemented, since you may not be able to eliminate the need for customers to wait in entirety. Consider the possibility of the kiosk malfunctioning, by investing in a ticket machine and a digital counter.

A ticket machine and digital counter can be used as an alternate queuing system if the kiosk needs to be repaired or upgraded. With this type of setup, instruct customers to take a ticket, upon entering the lobby. Display the digital counter in an area that is visible, so that people who are waiting will know when it is their turn to be seated.

For more information about using a queuing system in your business, contact a local service provider.