3 Tips For Using An In-Home Alarm System

Posted on: 26 April 2021


Having an alarm system installed in your home can increase your safety and sense of security. Your alarm system will work better if you understand how to use your alarm system properly.

#1: Keep the Remote Nearby at Night

Most security systems come with a few remotes. You shouldn't randomly place the remotes around your home. The remote is another way to keep yourself safe. Security alarm remotes have a panic feature on them. You can quickly press the panic button if you feel unsafe, and your alarm company will be alerted that you activated the panic button and will send out the appropriate emergency response.

You should keep the alarm somewhere that is easy to access, especially at night. For example, you may want to keep a remote control by each bed in the house so that if someone breaks in or you hear someone breaking in, you don't have to make it to the wall unit to hit the panic button; you can just hit the panic button on your remote control.

#2: Customize the User Codes

Most modern home security systems are designed to support multiple codes. You can assign each family member their own code. If you need to give out temporary codes to people, such as a house sitter or pet walker, you can give them an additional user code. Your system will store who entered the code so you can keep track of who is entering and leaving the home.

#3: Learn the Modes

Next, you are going to want to learn the modes for your security system. Most in-wall unit security units have at least five modes.

The first is the stay mode, which is designed to protect the perimeter of your home with a slight delay so you can move around your house without triggering an alarm. An instant mode protects the perimeter of your home without any delay in place for triggering the alarm.

Then there is the night-stay mode, which turns on the perimeter alarm for your home, as well as the interior spots of your home, to increase the protection of your home. With away mode, all triggers for the alarm are armed, with a slight entry delay so that you can enter the code. With the maximum mode, there is no entry delay at all, and all triggers are activated.

Your alarm system can help protect you and keep your home safe and will do a better job keeping you safe when you fully understand how to use the security system. The remote control offers a panic button that can keep you safe. The user codes allow you to monitor who is using the codes. Understanding the modes for your alarm system will allow you to use the alarm system fully. Contact a company like a Honeywell alarm system supplier to learn more about your options