Uses For Heavy Duty Mailing Tubes

Posted on: 27 May 2021


There are a lot of different types of packaging available to ship items in. This allows you to send items safely and securely in an effort to prevent possible damage from shipping. One type of packaging includes heavy-duty mailing tubes. There are certain items that are better suited for this specific type of packaging. Hear is more on this: 

Posters and pictures can be easily bent

When you mail something like a poster or a picture, a traditional box can lead to bends in the material. This would ultimately lead to creasing, possibly ruining the item. A heavy-duty mailing tube may work well for the shipping of similar items. You can loosely roll them up, just enough so they will fit into the tube. Keep in mind, the tube will also protect the poster or the picture more from moisture, such as rain. Whereas, if just a little bit of rain was to get on an envelope, then this could ruin the item you are mailing. 

Canes can be hard to fit in a box

If mailing a cane, it can be hard to find the right-sized box. You will need one that isn't very large in width, but that is long enough to accommodate the cane. The awkward size of the cane makes heavy-duty mailing tubes a wonderful alternative. You will be able to protect the cane from being dinged up with some packing material. The heavy-duty tube will also offer protection. Best of all, the cane will fit nicely inside the tube. 

Blueprints can be hard to read

It is very important to be able to read blueprints correctly. However, some of the writing and lines on them can be light and it can be very small. This is why the writing can be made very hard to read if the blueprints end up being folded. When they are mailed in a heavy-duty mailing tube, they won't have to be folded, so they will maintain their integrity once they get to where they are going. 

Contracts can be ruined

When sending paper contracts through the mail, it is important to protect them from any type of damage. You need to make sure they don't get wet or torn, or they may be damaged in a way where they can't be fully read and understood. They can be rolled up and put in a heavy-duty mailing tube where they will be kept safe and dry.