How Grand Format Flatbed Printers Can Enhance Brand Perception

Posted on: 10 December 2021


If you run a business, you know that first impressions are critical. The moment that a customer catches sight of your logo or signage, they've already begun forming an opinion of your brand. For that reason, businesses must invest in premium tools, equipment, materials, services, and more to ensure that their brand is presented in a positive light. However, many printing businesses are not aware of the opportunities available to them that can help them to maximize customer opinions of their brand.

Fortunately, modern options such as grand format flatbed printers have emerged to assist printing businesses by providing them with enhanced capabilities that help set them apart in customers' minds. Read on below to learn more about how grand format flatbed printers can enhance brand perception.

Grand Format Flatbed Printers Maximize Printing Precision

Traditional small-format often produce low-quality results. Prints can appear washed, discolored, or imprecise, which can come across as unprofessional. Discoloration can be especially harmful when the colors are critical, such as in a branded banner or poster. These visual issues can cause prospective customers to develop a negative opinion of a printing company's quality and professionalism. These issues can also cause prospective customers to develop an inaccurate idea of your brand's aesthetics, which can cause potential customers to experience confusion.

Fortunately, grand format flatbed printers are used to produce prints with maximum precision, even with large-scale projects such as large ad banners and stage backdrops. Each item printed using a grand format flatbed printer will appear premium quality with crisp, accurate colors. The enhanced color accuracy is especially critical when creating brand-oriented prints. Brand colors and logos will appear with no issues, ensuring that prospective customers can see your brand at its best. Customers will also be impressed by your premium print quality, improving their opinions of your brand.

Grand Format Flatbed Printers Maximize Printing Speed

Traditional small format printers often print at slower speeds, especially when dealing with large-scale printing projects. If the desired print size is too large, these projects may require multiple prints, producing undesirable seams and other printing issues while slowing down printing speeds. Needless to say, the resulting prints can reflect poorly upon your brand.

Fortunately, grand format flatbed printers can handle large printing volumes and sizes with quick turnaround times. These printers can also help companies avoid issues with requiring multiple prints for large prints, ensuring that each print is both high quality and rapidly produced and enhancing customer opinions of your printing service.


When deciding on your printing technology, smaller printers can leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, grand format flatbed printers have emerged as an effective choice that enhances the customer experience and maximizes brand perception!

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