Turning Trash Into A Tool: Great Everyday Uses For Shredded Paper

Posted on: 2 July 2014

A paper shredder is one the best ways to deal with the unwanted flyers and credit card offers that consistently plague your mailbox. However, when your paper shredder is full, don't just empty it in the trash! You may not realize it, but you can use shredded paper in many useful ways. Some of these ways even save you money and time. For The Garden Shredded paper has a number of great application for your landscape and plant health.
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How Office Space Impacts Employee Productivity

Posted on: 5 June 2014

The office environment can impact your employees' performance in numerous ways. According to one piece of research by J. Michael Syptak MD titled "Job Satisfaction: Putting Theory Into Practice," the office environment directly impacts a person's satisfaction and, in turn, how productive they are. Even Adecco, one of the leading staffing agencies in the US, is quick to point out how crucial the "right" office space can be. "Most of us are aware that happy employees create a pleasant work environment, but did you know that happy workers also save their business money?
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Stop Throwing Good Money After Bad and File for Bankruptcy to Stop the Bleeding

Posted on: 30 May 2014

Bankruptcy is a legal tool that helps you get your finances back into shape and stops your collectors from hounding you. It needs to be reserved as a final solution to be completely effective in the way you need it to be. But once you pull the trigger and file, it wipes away your eligible debts and helps you keep your money where it belongs: in your pocket. Once you are through with your filing, you are debt-free and no longer have to pay your creditors.
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Deputizing Security Cameras

Posted on: 29 May 2014

These days, it's practically impossible to watch the nightly news without seeing at least one story that includes serendipitous security camera footage. Events recorded by chance range from the heartwarming and amusing, such as an enraged cat chasing off a dog who's about to attack his young owner, to the darkly chilling sight of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects leaving a convenient store. In these and countless other instances surveillance cameras that have been set up for a particular purpose, to keep an eye on a particular piece of property, end up serving as "
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